Fenit Island Access Campaign

Fenit Island Access Campaign

Campaigning on behalf of the community

Press and Media Coverage of the Dispute

The Kerryman - 17 May 2017. A succinct and precise account of the dispute to date.

Irish Independent - 15 May 2017

A TG4 television crew interviewing objectors and campaign organisers during one of the successful community events held to publicise the unauthorised development on the previously beautiful and tranquil Fenit Island.

Both local and national elected representatives - responding to concerns voiced by their constituents - regularly raise the issue of the unauthorised development. The matter has also been brought to the attention of the relevant authorities in Brussels.
Since an early stage in the long-running dispute local people joined forces with Keep Ireland Open - a highly respected environmental lobby group. The above is an article taken from their regular newsletter following our successful appeal to An Bord Pleanála.

The really interesting piece below from Tralee Outlook focuses on a Kerry County Council debate. The campaign spokesperson offers a staunch rebuttal to some of the contributions made in the discussion. Cllr. Ferris's suggestion of the council receiving a delegation from the campaign coordinators would seem to be very reasonable - a "no cost starting point for local politicians to make small contribution towards achieving a 'local' solution".

The Protest Walk - what the papers say

This piece in the Independent was typical of the positive press coverage provided the day following the walk. Most papers emphasised the increased tension in the build up to the protest walk. These tensions were brought about by the threat of legal proceedings against a Fenit farmer sympathetic to the campaign who asserts that the the pathway around the coastal perimeter of the island has been used by the public for generations.

A spokesman for the campaign coordinating committee said "It is a curious law that would allow for a person to be sued for not sharing the views of another - as appears to be the case here. I imagine that Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights might provide the basis of an adequate defense of such an action”.
The press clearly saw the significance of the recent case brought by John Murphy against a well respected and very much liked member of the Fenit community. There was a lot of press interest in the case and this piece from the Pheonix captures precisely the contempt felt by many in Kerry with regard to the vindictive manner in which the case was pursued. Fortunately the learned judge was able to quickly determine the validity of the application to have our good friend found in contempt - and jailed!.

The comment from the defendant's barrister Caoilte O'Connor regarding the Fenit Island community is particularly interesting.
Press and media interest in the Fenit Island Dispute increased significantly throughout 2011. The national press become especially interested in the dispute following the intervention of Minister Jimmy Deenihan who attempted to broker talks between the three Fenit Island landowners at the centre of the dispute and Kerry County Council.

The highly successful community protest walks have been well covered by both the local and national press. The campaign coordinators are currently attracting interest from news channels and TV companies eager to cover subsequent protest walks.
Irish Daily Mail coverage of a protest walk  14 February 2011
Coverage from the Irish Independent 14 February 2011
 Coverage from Kerry's Eye Wednesday 16 February 2011