Fenit Island Access Campaign

Fenit Island Access Campaign

Campaigning on behalf of the community

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Save Fenit Island Alliance

The Save Fenit Island Alliance is an informal coalition of individuals, groups, businesses, public representatives, clubs and societies that have come together to pool their combined talents and resources in order to achieve our common goals.

Our first objective is to have the industrial scale fencing and other unauthorised development constructed around the perimeter of Fenit Island permanently removed.

It is also the intention of the Alliance to lobby and campaign - employing entirely peaceful democratic means - for the reinstatement of the footpath around the unproductive margins of the Island which has been used by the local community and visitors to the island for generations.

Tourists are the life blood of the Irish rural economy. Visitors from near and far travel to our region to experience the tranquility and scenic beauty of places such as Fenit Island. In the past they were welcomed with customary Irish conviviality and a willingness to share the best of what we are privileged to have in terms of our environment. Sadly on Fenit Island visitors and local people alike are now greeted with threats of prosecution and unsightly physical barriers to the peaceful enjoyment of what was once a much treasured amenity.